My  Key Points




Walking everyday

By simply walking in the morning, though, you make sure that you get some exercise. Exercise releases endorphins which makes us happier and sharper.  


Working out

Doing strength exercise is extremely beneficial. Each day focus on a different body part; chest, legs, arms, abs etc. It will improve your mood, leaving your body feeling stronger and your mind running much faster.


Finding a habit

Choose a new hobby, it adds variety to your life and ensures you’ll continue to see consistent success as you start to conquer and take on new challenges in life.


Stretching properly

Get into a better frame of fitness by stretching for 5 minutes’ post-shower or waking.





Looking at negativity

The easiest way to simply change my mindset was to make yourself aware of it. If you realise you are being negative, acknowledge it and try to change your mindset.


Thinking about success

Thinking about success is a great idea – simply being able to visualize what might be coming in the future is a powerful tool, and one that can improve your mentality.


Noting your positivity

How often do you actually note in your mind that you were being positive? It’s one of the most affirming actions you can possibly do when signifying your positivity. Take five minutes of the day to look at a happy memory in the morning to change your mindset from negative to positive.


Challenging assumptions

How often do you challenge how you think about a certain situation? If you don’t, then it’s time to do so. Challenging assumptions will help you ensure you’re always adapting.


Accepting your successes

You’ll become far more comfortable, and aware, of your successes and failures in life. This will ensure you can continue to develop, without always seeing yourself as failing.


Reviewing your failures

By taking the time to actually look at why you failed, you can find it much easier to find solutions. Many of us know that we failed – but why?


Mind games

How often do you just memorize a little poem or a piece of writing? Doing this can be a very powerful way to make sure you’ve always got a challenge.


Force of attraction

Have you ever spent the day just wishing for something to be? If not, you have to begin. Spend 5-10 minutes at night just dreaming of what you want in life.





Meditate for success

This is the magic of meditation; there is no set one way to do it, no magic trick. You do it in the way that suits you best, nobody else. Practice every single day.


Diaphragmatic breathing

All you need to do is learn how to take deep breaths in a slow manner. We all have our own preference of depth and time, so check online to find help in diaphragmatic breathing in a way you feel comfortable with.


Identifying emotions

Use 4 or 5 words to describe how you are feeling at a certain time. Acknowledge these words and feelings and learn to understand what they mean to you.


Putting perspective together

One of the most important elements of those days where negativity is winning is to take 10 minutes just to put things into perspective, helping you to appreciate success and failure.


5 minute breaks

Take 5 minute breaks regularly, get away from the computer screen and chill out. You’ll be far less likely to actually continue making mistakes and will be more accurate when working.


Handling negative emotions

Every time you feel yourself going down this kind of mental path, remind yourself it only lasts for a while. Sadness is never permanent; especially with a mindset against it.


Sitting outside

Just go and sit outside! Leave the phone inside and just appreciate the world around you. Listen to the animals and just enjoy tranquillity.





What’s your values?

Identify your core values. If you start to make decisions based on if it fits our values, you’ll become stronger mentally and more committed to achieving your goals and dreams.


What’s your passion?

By defining your true passions in life, you could be far more comfortable with who you are. Your path, aims and desires will be clearer.


Creating a vision

The most powerful people have a dream, a vision. Make sure that you have a vision for where you wish to be – even the example of another person who’s successful.


Inspiring yourself

The easiest way to inspire yourself, I found, was to look at all the success you have had so far. How can you get back to that level of success?


Challenging beliefs

Simply go through an argument you would expect to have. What’s the point you hold? What’s the main counterpoint? Using this helps you see if you’ve really thought things through.


Letting go

Many of us, myself included, are wrapped in our worldly possessions. From our cars to our TVs, fear of loss makes us vicious. Losing that is the first step towards normality. Give stuff away, let go of anything that doesn’t bring you joy.





Determining productivity

In terms of becoming more productive – look at how you are when you work today – do you complain?


Batching for success

Batch similar tasks together in blocks throughout your day. By changing to this system you can get through tasks in an easier style. Now, all similar tasks will fall under one banner and be dealt with swiftly.


Creating priority

Each week write down your top 3 priorities and work towards them every day.


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