1.simply/merely 僅僅

2.surveyed/sizzed up 審視,打量

3.adept at/excels in 精通的,擅長的

4.intimidate/treaten 威脅

5.as possible as/one can 盡可能 (x)as possible as one can

6.epidemics/pandemic 傳染病

7.that is/namely 也就是說

8.postpone/pot off 延後

9.sinister/malicious 惡意的

10.remark/comment 評論

11.commodities/goods 商品

12.raw/rare 生的

13.specific/particular 特定的

14.sleep on it/comtemplate 深思熟慮

15.despite/in spite of 僅管,雖然

16.participate in/take part in 參與

17.bring sb down/defeat sb 打敗某人

18.rather/quite /relatively 相當

19.on/when/upon + ving 一~就~

20.swift /rapid /prompt 迅速的(+ delivery 快遞)

21.immediately /right away/at once 立即

22.led to/results in/bring about 造成

23.deal with/cope with/handle/tackle 應付,處理

24.currently /presently /at present 目前

25.however /nevertheless /nonetheless 然而

26.to some degree/extent 就某種程度而言

27.as a result/therefore/thus 因此

28.in other words,/that is,/namely, 也就是說

29.hardly/barely/rarely /scarcely 幾乎不

30.just /already /yet 還沒

31.so far/up to now/up to the present 到目前為止

32.consider + ving/thoughtful 貼心的

33.obey/abide by + n/obedient 遵守

34.determination/fortitude/perseverance 堅毅

35.comtemplate = brood over + n 深思

36.due to/owing to/on account of 由於

37.obvious/apparent /manifest /conspicuous 彰顯

38.take + measures /steps /actions 採取措施

39.popped the question = propose(+ to sb)求婚

40.seize the day/carpe diem 把握當下

41.accurate/precise 精確的

42.deliberately/on purpose 故意

43.vulnerable/fragile 脆弱的

44.desert/abandoned 遺棄

45.character/feature/characteristic/trait 特色

46.domineering /bossy 強悍的

47.antsy/edgy/on edge 焦慮的

48.soaring /sky-rocketing 高漲的

49.spreed/circulate/rumors 散播謠言

50.occasionally/from time to time/every now and then/once in a while偶爾

51.furthermore /besides /moreover /in addition/other than /aside from /apart from /on top of 除此之外

52.concerning /regarding/respecting/as regards/in regard to/with respect to/in respect of/about 關於

53.how about + ving = why not + vr

54.free = complimentary

55.senior citizen=old man

56.gradually = little by little

57.a variety of = various

58.extremely = very

59.worried = concerned

60.no matter how = however

61.ward off = prevent from

62.expensive = costly = pricy

63.i sit=i am seated→sitting =seated

64.be capable of ving = be able to v

65.the moment = as soon as

66.feel down = depress

67.can’t help ving = can’t help but v

68.depend on/rely on/count on

69.so as to = in order to

70.avian influenza = bird flu

71.research = a study

72.in fact, = in reality, = in effect,

73.plenty of/a lot of + [n]/[u]

74.surrender to = give in to

75.live/reside/dewell + prep = inhabit/populate

76.regulation = rule

77.avoid = prevent oneself from

78.occasionally = fom time to time = every now and then = once in a while

79.noted = celebrated = renowned = well-know = distinguished

80.inferior = worst than

81.calm/cool/level-headed /composed/collected

82.upset = depressed

83.involve + n/ving = include

84.of help = helpful

of health = healthy

of wealth = wealthy


substitute a for b

replace b with a

86.look down on = despise

87.by no means = never

88.nothing but = aways

89.in view of = in the wake of = because of = on account of

90.while = whereas =although

91.ward off = prevent from

92.on top of = besides

93.for example = consequently = in consequence=for instance

94.modest = humble

95.attract = appeal to


see/view /take /regards + a as b

think of /look upon + a as b

consider + ab

refer to + a as b


a be composed/made up + of b

a consists of b

a cmprise b





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